Maintaining Your Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture has remained to be a firm outdoor furniture for a long time. In addition to being stylish, it is available in many different styles, contemporary and traditional which are designed to suits all tastes. In addition, it is light weight and therefore, it is easy to reposition as the sun moves hence making it ideal for use in gardens or patio. Rattan furniture is the ideal garden furniture since it is easy to maintain.

There are two types of rattan garden furniture which are the natural rattan furniture and synthetic rattan furniture. The natural rattan furniture is the original furniture made from the rattan vine which grows in the tropical regions. Due to its abundance as well as its workability, the vine has become a favorite material for constructing furniture for a very long period. Natural rattan is tough and durable. However, if it can fade if exposed to direct sunlight for long and if it is allowed to soak or get for long, it can develop mold which discolors the vine and the leaves making the furniture look unkempt and untidy. For more details about rattan furniture, visit .

The drawbacks of natural rattan triggered the development of synthetic rattan furniture . This is constructed from man made polyester weaves and aluminum framing. Synthetic poly rattan furniture is tough durable, and it is available in many styles as well as colors. This has made their sales to explode over the years. It is possible to maintain your furniture at peak conditions irrespective of its make if you understand how to do so.

Natural rattan can be brushed off regularly using a brush to remove dust and dirt caught up in the weave. After brushing off, wipe it down using a wet cloth and be sure not to soak it in water. Ensure that the furniture is kept indoors during winter or in damper weather conditions to avoid damage by mold. If you use your rattan furniture indoors or in a conservancy, ensure that you remove it outside from time to prevent it from being damaged by the damp conditions.

Synthetic rattan is different in its own way. It is built to last through any type of conditions. The human-made fibers are strengthened to ensure that it does not suffer any damage from the rainfall or sunlight. Just like in natural rattan dining set furniture, you should brush it down to keep it tidy and clean.